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West London Rugby Football Club played its first competitive fixture in the Autumn of 2000. A product of the merger between Old Gaytonians' (1934), Old Kingsburians' (19XX) and Roxeth Manor (1960) rugby clubs; each club steeped in history with many former players achieving domestic as well as international honours to teams playing in finals at Twickenham itself.

Today, we continue with the same ethos of the founding clubs. To provide social yet competitive amateur rugby within the West London area. We pride ourselves on our warm and friendly atmosphere, and welcome players of all ability and rugby playing nationality.

While our aim is to train hard, be competitive, and to win we also value the importance of enjoying and playing rugby with friends. Off the pitch as much as on it, with social events and tours a key part of the clubs ethos. After all, no club would be complete without a club tour. Our most notable tours include Bournemouth (UK), Rome (Italy), Zagreb (Croatia) and Dublin (Ireland).

This includes the annual Vache Español, one of amateur rugby's longest running club tours. The first fixture between Old Gaytonians and Plessis Meudon dates back to 1955 and the tradition carries on today, alternating between London and Paris. A unique fixture, and a unique experience as all who have been on tour will attest to.

Our Purring Team