• 39
  • Ireland

Why West London?

The Family atmosphere, the comradery, the social side!

Why did you join?

I had always wanted to see if I was able to play rugby. And so the opportunity presented itself, and I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. My standout memory was when we played a 2's game with thirteen players, in the rain and cold, against a full fifteen, and we won the game 47-43. The feeling while walking off that field was one you can't achieve or experience in any other way. Moreover, the friends and stories will last you a lifetime.

Did you have any previous rugby experience?

No, I was a Gaelic Football convert, so I found the relative lack of violence quite refreshing.

Why did you stay?

I’m stubborn!

Why Should you join?

Fitness, community, social, sport, cracking fundraisers, great tours, great sevens, great sevens tours, the court sessions, and the curry.