DOR / Prop
  • 139
  • Ireland

Why West London?

Many clubs talk a great game about being open and welcoming. We truly do at West London, and we are easily THE MOST open and welcoming club around bar none. We have a great bunch of lads from all walks of life and offer the best mix of social and competitive rugby.

Why did you join?

I played for Old Gayts, one of the founding clubs of West London RFC and the idea of playing with the same lads who were knocking lumps out of each other the previous seasons appealed to me. I played in the first West London fixture and despite a brief sabbatical, have been involved from day one. I’m now coaching and enjoy seeing the next generation take the reins.

Did you have any previous rugby experience?

I played mini, youth and senior rugby at London Irish. I also played, for Irish Exiles Provincial XV, Swansea University and represented Middlesex County (school, youth, 21’s, county & vets XV).

Why did you stay?

Good people, great craic and a longing desire to see Jim O’Keeffe pass off his left hand.

Why Should you join?

Great people. Great atmosphere. Great beer. Great coaching (😅🫣).