Scrum Half / Winger
  • 30
  • England

Why West London?

WLRFC isn’t only about rugby. The club has a solid social scene and welcoming atmosphere off the pitch that makes you want to stick around. With events such as the Christmas party and quiz nights to organising RWC mornings with a bit of breakfast, the club made me feel extremely welcome especially not knowing anyone from the area. Plus, on the pitch, the rugby is pretty enjoyable too.

Why did you join?

I joined after the club lent their ground to my university team to train on at short notice. In return, a few of us from the uni team took the opportunity to get stuck into Saturday rugby and got involved initially with 2’s before sticking around and trying to make the first team.

Did you have any previous rugby experience?

I started playing in my second year of uni and at the same time became a part of WLRFC. My main experience of it before then was throwing a ball around in a park when I was a kid. Playing with West London helped me develop from almost a complete beginner and grew my passion for the sport.

Why did you stay?

Mainly because of the lads and team around me who welcomed me right from the start. From day one, I felt like one of the boys, despite the standard of rugby being higher to what I had experienced before. The older boys also took good care of me, especially behind the bar. Which as a broke student was a pretty decent selling point.

Why Should you join?

It is a club that isn’t only good on the pitch it is excellent off it too. The club consists of players, friends and family from all over the place. From Ruislip to Romania to a large contingent of Southern Hemisphere lads. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their ability. And the best reason to join is that it’s a great run around with a good bunch of mates followed by some excellent Wolfpack after.